新中绿东风天锦洒水车节油、可靠、舒适Dongfeng sprinkler fuel-e



      Dongfeng sprinkler has been environmentally friendly, fuel-efficient, safe, reliable, comfortable, and other characteristics. Favorite among the customers of large tonnage forefront of sprinkler, Dongfeng chassis occupied the lion's share of the market. Dongfeng sprinkler is of the steam. Dongfeng series top. And he won the championship in 2007, fuel-efficient.



HUBEI PROVINCE XINZHONGLV SPECIAL VEHICLE CO.current production of Dongfeng sprinkler country, four chassis configured as ISB6 cylinder Cummins, Dongfeng DFL, fully meet the country V, the country Ⅳ standard.



Many details of the days Kam sprinkler design reflects the user's care. Dongfeng cab spacious and comfortable. The steering wheel can be adjusted freely around the steering column height and angle, ergonomics optimized surround-type instrument layout is compact, clean, various buttons, touch switches, anti-reflective LCD display information clearly legible. Maximum seat adjustment range of similar products, to bring the driver comfort. Cab with generous storage space and a wide berth. High cab twice reading light to provide the best lighting effects, anti-ball type outlet side windows frost, fog, cold forming, hot wall, while the optional automatic air conditioning, automatic temperature control, maintaining a pleasant indoor temperature. Thoughtful stepping up and down, up and down smoothly armrest allow motorists. Dongfeng maintenance systems save time, worry, effort, improve maintenance efficiency and reduce labor intensity. By the majority's favorite car.



Hubei New Green DongFeng sprinkler equipped with an engine with good fuel economy, lower fuel consumption, plus lightweight vehicle design, vehicle fuel consumption reduced by 5% compared to similar models. Reliability greatly improved. Dongfeng new generation 6-speed gearbox input torque increased by 15%; the frame of the upper wing surface using a non-porous design, web position faces standardization, increase frame strength, reduce weight; electronic throttle control, manipulation of light. Reliability Dongfeng heavy vehicles consistent quality.



   After Dongfeng commercial vehicle joint venture into the international advanced management methods, creative implementation Dongfeng commercial vehicle production, the use of international quality control system to ensure that Dongfeng has a high level of quality standards. Applications developed ergonomic cab layout reasonable, comfortable environment, significantly reduce driver fatigue. Semi-floating cab suspension system with shock-absorbing seats, making the car ride better than the competition. Cab a good seal and engine noise reduction technology allows the driver away from irritable.


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